●  Designing process plants, kilns
●  Design of incinerators and acid gas incinerator
●  Engineering thermal units
●  Engineering refractory linings
●  General contract or supervision during the construction of industrial furnaces and furnace units
●  Dry-out of furnaces and other lined structures and units
●  Refractories
●  Tube furnaces
●  Incinerators and afterburner acidic gases from the concrete lining
●  Pressure receptacles for the OST .....
●  Lining of reactors and columns of catalytic processes (gidgoochistka, reforming, aromatics production, pyrolysis, and etc)
●  Products with abrasion lining
●  Chimneys with insulation lining
●  Dampers, valves for regulating and cutting off the high-temperature and corrosive gas-flow
●  Metall support. Metall destination
●  Fasteners, alloy steel flanges for vessels and equipment operating at elevated temperatures, pressures
●  Refining and petrochemicals
●  Nitric industry and production of mineral fertilizers
●  Non-ferrous metallurgy
●  Ferrous metallurgy
●  Cement Industry
●  Energetics
●  Production of bricks and ceramics
●  Incinerators
●  The gas industry
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